BS Thakur Constructions is a leading manufacturer of ready-mix concrete. Ready-mix concrete is required in a number of construction projects industry-wide.

We possess a modern ready-mix plant which produces a very high quality of concrete useful in factories, commercial sites, bridges, mega-housing projects, roads, townships, railways, flyovers and industrial constructions.

Ready-Mix Concrete

Concrete is a composite material used in constructions and consists of cement, water, aggregates and admixtures. Ready-mix concrete is a material which can be cast into various shapes as needed and is durable while looking attractive. It is a construction material with highest strength per unit cost. The ready-mix concrete is useful in a wide range  of applications like Engineered concrete, building and housing, water and wastewater management, roads and pavements etc.

BS Thakur Constructions Ready-Mix Concrete Services

BS Thakur Constructions continuously works to improve the features of concrete which makes it a key component in a quality construction and increases properties like durability, resistance, energy storing capacity, light reflection and others. We also work constantly on innovative ideas to increase the sustainability of structures made with concrete. We help our valued customers in taking the benefits of ready-mix concrete in a wide range of applications.

We do not simply manufacture ready-mix concrete but we also develop solutions based on our thorough knowledge of concrete technology. We have years of experience in ready-mix concrete services in Chattisgarh, state-of-art expertise, a world-wide expertise and knowledge about tailor designed concrete.

Our concrete technologists can modify the properties of concrete through innovative chemical admixtures and make combined use of various constituents of concrete. For example- If needed,we can design concrete which is more stronger, fluid, strong and retaining longer work ability. Our technologists are researchers who design special concretes which can fulfill all types of developing needs of industry’s performance requirements. Our special concrete portfolio includes products like crack-resistant/low shrinkage concrete, ultra rapid hardening concrete, architectural concrete, self-consolidating concrete (SCC) and a number of others.