Get concrete pump hire on Chhattisgarh, Odisha, Madhya Pradesh and jharkhand

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Concrete Pump is an essential equipment in the construction industry. It is a tool for conveying liquid concrete. It is designed to deliver concrete through pipes. Concrete pump is used on construction sites and specially on projects where there is a limited space for equipment. Pumped concrete is used for transportation to heights where large quantity of concrete is required at greater height where other means of transportation are not feasible.

Usually the components of Concrete Pump are a receiving hopper , 2 concrete pumping cylinders and a valve system which is used to control the concrete flow from hopper to the pipeline. Concrete pumps are classified basically into two types- Direct acting or Squeeze type concrete pumps.

Speed is very important for any kind of construction project. Pouring concrete wherever required becomes easy and simpler when you use a Concrete pump. The pumping equipment are mounted on trailers or trucks in concrete pump system and therefore it is quite easy to make the concrete accessible to all the areas of the site easily through these pumps.

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